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Have a question about urban farming?

Based on the volume of email questions we receive, it’s very difficult to get to all of them. If you have a burning question you’d like an answer to, please compose a question with 100 words or less, and put “urban farming question” at the top of the email. Curtis will answer questions in batches through social media, so that others may also benefit from his responses. 

Interested in donating land?

Currently, we’re not looking for any new land to farm. 

However, if you’re land is within 1 km of Kelowna’s downtown core, and has at least 2000 square feet of farmable area, we may be interested. Also, it must not have any over hanging trees, tall structures directly to the south, and is preferably fenced. Contaminated soil and a lot of invasive weeds would also make the land unusable for our farming. 

Looking for advice for your project or farm?

Curtis offers consulting services either over the phone or on site. Email us for more information. 

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