The Farm


Green City Acres (est. 2010) is a multi-locational urban farm operating on less than an acre of land. We use front and backyards, rented from homeowners, to grow vegetables for local distribution. In exchange for the use of their land, our landowners receive a weekly basket of produce throughout the growing season. This mutually beneficial arrangement saves them the burden and cost of maintaining a lawn, while reducing their food costs and providing us with growing space. All of our produce is grown with natural methods, meaning that no chemical fertilizers, sprays, or pesticides are used. In fact, we barely use any fossil fuels at all. Our operation is largely pedal powered, with the occasional use of a small flat bed truck that is as low emission and fuel efficient as a smart car.

Our mission is to foster social and environmental change through the production of local food, and to help, teach, and empower people to start growing their own. We believe that our transition from a petroleum based society is inevitable and how we chose to perceive that potentially devastating event is entirely up to us. At GCA, we see that as an opportunity to create the world we want to live in, and while we move from a society and food system that is energy intensive, environmentally destructive, and socially inequitable, we can have fun, eat good wholesome food, get some exercise, and reconnect with the soil and our community at the same time.


Kelowna Cycle is the official sponsor of Green City Acres. We rely on them for all our bike maintenance, repairs, and new equipment. Kelowna Cycle is a bike shop that caters to all needs. From kids to adult bikes, mountain, road, cruisers, commuters, and now electric assists, they cover all the bases. From humble beginnings, Pat Rosen started working as a mechanic at Kelowna Cycle in 1993, and then purchased the store in 2008. Pat and the crew at Kelowna Cycle have been an inspiration to us at GCA, as a business that operates with integrity and deep roots in the community. You can expect the best customer service and knowledgable staff whenever you head into either of their locations. The main store is at 2949 Pandosy Ave, and the Hub is at 1461 Sutherland Ave.